2 thoughts on “BOLT-ARROW”

  1. Every govt since 2002 has been talking about this power plant without it doing anything to alleviate the cost of power. Doubt this will be of any significant help as costs will inevitably go up.

    1. The fact is that it should reduce the cost of power. But unfortunately the go-between between the generators to the transmitters to the distributors and the regulators disallow the rightful transfer of costs savings to the consumer. Kenyans should audit this and ask the right questions. More cheap power=less bills and not more revenues/profits for these corporates. Why doesn’t the government for-instance waive some part of the taxes for all or part of the power plants for the benefit of the people. This will immediately be felt all the way. For now, its just talk with no will power nor referee to make these corporates and government accountable.

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