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Ecclestone charged with bribery in Germany


bernieBERLIN, Germany 17th July – Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was on Wednesday charged with bribery by German prosecutors.

The 82-year-old motor racing magnate has been charged by state prosecutors in Munich in relation to a $44 million (33.6 million euro, £29 million) payment he made to German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky, which was linked to the sale of the Formula One rights in 2006.

Last month, Gribkowsky was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail in Munich and Ecclestone has always denied bribing the German to avoid a British tax inquiry into the sale of Formula One, claiming he was blackmailed by Gribkowsky.

Ecclestone has already told the Financial Times newspaper he will be defending the indictment having spoken to his lawyers.