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#PlayersOnSuarezMenu takes over Twitter


SUAREZ-MENUNAIROBI, Kenya, April 22- The PlayersOnSuarezMenu hash tag dominated Twitter-sphere last night as users of the micro-blogging site made mockery of the biting incident between Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez and Chelsea defender, Branislav Ivanovic.

Harambee Stars players, Victor WaNYAMA, MacDonald (s) Mariga and Bob mUGALIa were among those included in the hilarious menu the Liverpool forward who netted twice in their 2-2 draw at Anfield on Sunday would be interested in.

By Monday morning, #PlayersOnSuarezMenu had gone top of the global trends with entire line-ups of the ‘menu’ created for Suarez to ‘dig in’.

Other trending topics relating to the incident included #CanibalSuarez and #SuarezDinner and #SuarezExitSweepstake as reports said retired heavyweight boxing star, Mike Tyson, had followed the player on his official @luis16Suarez handle in solidarity.

“His new subscriber is none other than Mike Tyson, who surely would have felt sympathy for the Liverpool striker, having sparked a biting storm of his own after the former heavyweight champion bit Evander Holyfield on the ear in 1997,” the DailMail reported.

Spoof mockery of his culinary delights also accompanied the delicious sounding offerings as UK publications called for the player to be expelled from the English Premier League.

The Mirror had a complete XI the Liverpool striker would feast on

Daily Mail proclaimed, “Now kick the Cannibal out: Suarez apology not enough after controversial Liverpool striker’s disgusting BITE on Ivanovic.”

The Sun offered tasty banners, “Gnash of the day,”, “Same old Suarez, Always eating,” and “Here’s how to muzzle Suarez, and it’s a chewer-fire winner,” as they screamed for the striker to be kicked-out of Merseyside.

“Liverpool threaten to kick out bad-boy Luis Suarez after savage bite on Chelsea star Branislav Ivanovic,” The Mirror proclaimed while the broadsheet Guardian led with “ Suárez sorry for ‘biting’ Ivanovic.”

Twitter users also took the opportunity to throw nutrition related gags at the Liverpool forward.

“It’s good to see that Suarez has finally tasted champions league success. #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu,” ‏@Jake0590 22m posted.

“Can’t believe #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu is trending!! That guy definitely takes sports nutrition to a new level!” ‏@Jeukendrup wrote.

“Best theory I’ve heard yet for #CannibalSuarez biting Ivanovic – he just wanted a taste of the Champions League,” CNN anchor, Piers Morgan tweeted adding “Don’t get me wrong, I’d still take @luis16suarez to Arsenal in a heartbeat. I’d just want him tested for rabies first. #CannibalSuarez” and “My mate @MikeTyson only bit an opponent once – @luis16suarez has now done it twice, making him sport’s worst ever flesheater #CannibalSuarez.”


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