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Marathon Majors April Fools spoof nails many


APRIL-FOOLSNAIROBI, Kenya, April 2- Capital Sport April Fools ruse of World Marathon Majors scheme to reduce the prize money for Kenyan and Ethiopian runners caught ardent readers although others spotted the bluff.

The article, whose authenticity existed in the writer’s imagination prompted strong reactions from some calling the intended move to reduce prize pay-out to East African Athletes as a devious discrimination.

Such was the overwhelming reaction to the post that it had to be pulled down from the website at some point Tuesday having been stringed on other news outlets including All

“The idea is to discourage blacks from winning in anything…..this is neo-racism!” exclaimed a reader named Diogenes of Synope who responded to the article.

“No dude! Why are Kenyans and Ethiopians singled out! Read the beginning of the article “What we are hoping to achieve is to ensure the prize pool from our events is shared across the board to encourage athletes from other countries that train as hard as the East Africans to enjoy competing at our events,” another named Sammy commented.

‘Falcon Gladiator’ caught the bluff and stated, “Must be April Fools joke.” Another who nipped the scam article in the bud is One Sport manager, Michel Boeting, who manages many Kenyan athletes including those who were alleged to be affected.

On Twitter and Facebook, the ruse also spread with some asking what would happen if the Kenyan runners were to change citizenship.

The article is now back up for posterity!