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Beckham to train at Arsenal


BECKHAM-ARSENALLONDON, England, January 29- Manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that David Beckham is due to begin training with Arsenal on Tuesday but there is no intent to sign the former England captain.

Beckham, 37, will join up with the Gunners in a bid to keep fit as he considers his next move after leaving LA Galaxy at the end of the MLS season in December.

“He called me,” Wenger said. “He has asked to come here and to work on his fitness. He has not done anything for a long, long time.

“(It’s) purely for fitness. There’s no speculation about signing or anything.”

It is still to be determined whether, and where, Beckham will continue his own footballing career.

The 37-year-old Londoner has enjoyed a successful career with Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and AC Milan, while also accumulating 115 England caps, a record for an outfield player.

Beckham also played a prominent role in the delegation sent to Singapore which helped to secure the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for London and if he does not continue his football career, there are many avenues for the future.

With Wenger playing down the possibility of Beckham signing on a permanent basis he was asked what benefit there is for Arsenal.

He said: “Nothing. To help somebody. We are open for people who behave well when they come here.”