• Muhando Gedi

    Mr President are not you over ambitious?Are not you promising too much to fulfill?I want to hear you in a year time from now.And by the way,there was this rumour of KSH 6 billion for not being a presidential run off.Any idea of what became of the rumour?Remember your predecessor promised the nation five hundred thousand jobs every month.Dear Mr President,do remember your numerous promises to the Kenyan people.We keep your word.

    • concerned

      6bn, wake up, he said during the inauguration, it will create a fund for women & youth. As for his predecessor, why would you hold him on that? these are 2 different govts. Another thing as my friend keeps saying a president never puts ugali on my table. Its me to put that ugali on my table, so Uhuru & govt have the right to be over ambitious, its good to start somewhere. By the way, whats over ambition?

  • The greatest threat to this noble plan is CORRUPTION which makes doing business not only difficult but expensive and derails good tidings.