• b.o.b.i

    there is no way i can stay with a woman who feels that she can use her
    body to control me,like she lets me hit it when she needs a favor,when
    she is happy or when she feels that i have done her will,or when she
    knows you got some money to spend. if that happens,she has to decide,its
    me to decide rather,whether to stay (we either have to pretend that we
    dont have the organs,we have nothing between us anymore,or she allows me
    to have a side-chick,) or just assume that we never existed in the
    first place. you dont know the pain and psychological torture a man goes
    through when feel like he has to always beg for the P. hehe..
    About raising a Diva in your own house,i truly agree that they do turn into some sic irritating divas ,and if you are too slow to notice,you might find yourself in a pit you dont know how you got yourself into.