• martin mwangi

    Be straight forward with what you are trying to say, should we or should we not shave?

  • Kulabusia Geoffrey Kakai

    what a relevation

  • kk

    @ mwangi. The article is giving advantage/disadvantage of shaving. The ultimate choice is yours

  • MIMI

    Try walking around with sweaty bushy vajayjay the stench!

  • Lex

    Conclusion? Think of that moment when he/she goes shopping down town only to be met with a bush of raging hairs…I’m confused.

  • The Devil Wears Pubes

    The article is straightforward, there is nothing confusing in the article, just in Lex’s mind that fears not being accepted socially for having pubic hair.

    My dear Mimi You are not likely to smell much different with or without pubes unless along with your choice of hairstyle you change your hygiene habits.

    I myself see no benefits to shaving completely, it seems to just be one of those bizarre trends that becomes socially motivated. By this I mean that people are afraid of ridicule if they don’t conform to the current standards.

  • How on earth is someone going to keep a bush for the rest of his life time.Atleast recommend pubic hair reduction!!!