8 thoughts on “OLYMPIC-TORCH”

  1. well written….and i fully agree with the concept of the two….and i would assume you are advocating for the latter, i think your ensuing article of the two, is where to find this elusive creature….otherwise you could just as well have described a “unicorn”….at a point in our-lives we may have wanted one a (“unicorn”) but didn’t know where to go to get one, so we had so settle down with the local donkey

      1. Triz over the holiday i went up and down the strip, looking and being objective at that, but i kept tripping over these “girls”…. and it wasn’t pleasant….perhaps pointing me in the right direction, would be the best way to start 2014

  2. I agree a hundred percent with your article,,A girl drains a mans energy and drags him to feeling like he is not worth,,the worst mistake some men do is to marry a girl thinking that age will maturate her in vain ,great article,,

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