• KaluAyker TruNeger

    Marketing Ethiopia? Selling Ethiopia for foreigners? There is nothing is new about it. This has been done since many many years under TPLF. You people do not seem to know what you are saying!

    • dru

      U r so blinded by hate u did not read the fine lines,which clearly states that the investment sector in Ethiopia is priority to the locals rather than foreigners……….

    • Ethiopian

      Go ahead talk all day @2970da4da3c375ebcf2c830bb23df701:disqus ,your brothers and sisters are working hard together taking their country into another level while you vomit your haterate towards them. You will be staying as a diaspora with your cabby while they prosper and raise their children in their beloved country. You you gonne bow for your masters your whole life and hate on them. ha..ha..ha…

  • Abe

    Let’s not waste our precious time with sick people like KaluAyker TruNeger.I think it is about time to open one big counselling clinic in US and European metropolis cities to treat our brothers and sisters in diaspora.I don’t think they intentional want to harm Ethiopia,they have to be medically sick. Normal Ethiopians shouldn’t loose focus on the most important task at hand,DEVELOPMENT.

    • KaluAyker TruNeger

      Who is sick and needs counselling? You people who are determined to sell our land for foreigners and depriving the livelihood of Ethiopians or me who is asking to stop selling our land ?