• raps

    kudos PM

  • Loisoiflame

    this could be a good deal the main basic need to a nation is energy. but this is not a personal deal this is a government initiative . hope it will start very very soon . Here in Nyeri we suffer from sudden power cuts some last an entire day and if your business depends on electricity the loss is huge .

  • kesammio

    They could have just fedexed the papers, achape signature awatumie, we need the cash si safari mreeeeefu juu ya makaratasi.

  • Edu okul

    This will go along way to bring down power costs and diversify source of energy

  • peternjoroge09

    Welldone Prime Minister, this is the news Kenyans want to always hear, about developing the country and dealing with the most pressing problems namely energy,transport,jobs and security.I can’t see you not leading Kenya next year, You have my vote.