• b.o.b.i

    is she dead? she should be..

  • edward

    she might be right if you read objectively.

  • jimmy

    This is the biggest piece of rubbish I have read for ages. White men are just running away from their own after planning all their lives how to have a perfect life style which flops and ends up I divorces etc. After it has failed he can settle with anything after he has been through hell with white women. They can do anything to make a black woman fall in love which is black women take for love for them its normal. remember our cultures are very different from their hence a change in a few things doesn’t mean they are more romantic!! Lady get your facts right…

  • Me

    This is preposterous! Full of racial bigotry that should not exist in our society at this time

  • Juliet Ngweno

    This is sadly somewhat applicable in the US. Black men do have numerous children with different women, they tend not to get an education. Most of them are unable to care for these children. American culture and life in America is very different from Kenya. That is why most people avoid black men. This author makes very valid points when it comes to American Black life. Don’t be offended, it really isn’t applicable to African men, who have the desire to take care of their wives and are go-getters.

    • African Masala

      Um … I have read about, heard about and seen for myself many African men who fit into most of the characteristics listed in this article.

  • African Masala

    There are good and bad people in every race but she is correct to some extent. The Capital writer’s arguments, on the other hand, are emotional and illogical. EG: The original writer said of Whites: They may listen to rap music, but they are smart enough not to act it
    out. The Capital writer said: Wow. So all men who listen to rap music glamourise thug life? Did you miss the part where the original writer said White men may listen to rap? It’s right there.