• God

    Yeah right.. You all just mad because THC is better than you all

  • gary

    why are they lying?/ got be a good reason for this propaganda. idiots i hate you for this

  • hi

    bad attempt to make marijuana look bad

  • Teresa Green

    Absolute load of rubbish. If anything, Cannabis use makes you a safer driver as you drive at a much more sensible speed.

  • Don’tDareGiveUp

    Typical that they don’t link the source… I’d love to read that study.

  • Teresa Green

    An amazing study authored by professors D. Mark Anderson (University of
    Montana) and Daniel Rees (University of Colorado) shows that traffic
    deaths have been reduced in states where medical marijuana is legalized.

    According to their findings, the
    use of medical marijuana has caused traffic related fatalities to fall
    by nearly nine percent in states that have legalized medical marijuana (via The Truth About Cars).

    The study notes that this is equal to the effect raising the drinking age to 21 had on reducing traffic fatalities.

    One key factor is the reduction in alcohol consumption. The study
    finds that there is a direct correlation between the use of marijuana
    and a reduction in beer sales, especially in the younger folks aged

    A drop in beer sales supports the theory that marijuana can act as a substitute for liquor.

    The study also finds that marijuana has the inverse effect that
    alcohol does on drivers. Drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to
    make rash decisions and risky moves, whereas those under the influence
    of marijuana tend to slow down, make safer choices, and increase
    following distances.

  • Stephen Weber

    “At the present time, the evidence to suggest an involvement of cannabis in road crashes is scientifically unproven. REFERENCE: G. Chesher and M. Longo. 2002.

    “Cannabis leads to a more cautious style of driving. Cannabis alone, particularly in low doses, has little effect on the skills involved in automobile driving.” REFERENCE: Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs. 2002.

    Few studies report increased accident risk. REFERENCE: UK Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (Road Safety Division). 2000.

    There is no evidence that consumption of cannabis alone increases the risk of culpability for traffic crash fatalities or injuries for which hospitalization occurs, and may reduce those risks. REFERENCE: M. Bates and T. Blakely. 1999.

    “Role of cannabis in motor vehicle crashes.” Epidemiologic Reviews 21: 222-232. The more cautious behavior of subjects who have received marijuana decreases the impact of the drug on performance, whereas the opposite holds true for alcohol.” REFERENCE: A. Smiley. 1999. Marijuana: On-Road and Driving-Simulator Studies.

    There was a clear relationship between alcohol and culpability. In contrast, there was no significant increase in culpability for cannabinoids alone. REFERENCE: Logan, M.C., Hunter, C.E., Lokan, R.J., White, J.M., & White, M.A. (2000).

    There was no indication that cannabis by itself was a cause of fatal crashes.” REFERENCE: K. Terhune. 1992. The incidence and role of drugs in fatally injured drivers. Washington, DC: US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Report No. DOT HS 808 065.

  • Ricky

    The funny thing is that some people are naive enough to believe this shit.


      The Trailer Park Boys know Capital FM talks shit and is nothing more than a puppet.

  • Christopher Sehsuvaroglu

    I do heavily disagree with the “twice the risk”, certainly with the fact that all my smoker friends have always shown an increased cautiousness whilst driving. However saying “dis is bulshit wtf 420 blaze it” is not helping us pro-weed activists at all! I do agree that cannabis can increase the risk of distraction on the road and slower reflexes but this only happens in large numbers (this number varies extremely between individuals). What this study also lacks is validity. Despite conducting a study on 49,000 people, they compared people who had consumed cannabis and those who didn’t. For a valid experiment the optimal conditions would be comparing the SAME person when high and not, this is basic stuff and the scientists who wrote this article are either unprofessional or have deliberately not properly conducted the experiment to create false results (the latter being very possible). Something that the comments ive read seem to have not taken into account is the fact that this was originally posted by FRENCH press. As a frenchman I feel that i’m allowed to say with confidence that france is quite an anti-weed country and anti-weed propaganda like this is more than common, therefore knocking off another big chunk of validity from this article. So before getting mad and spewing teenage nonsense on these comments just laugh at whoever wrote this and don’t worry. 🙂

  • Ben

    Clearly a lot of potheads up in this place! Hahaha
    I also believe that weed/cannabis is less harmless than most legal recreation drugs like alcohol since most studies indicate its effects on the body in the long term are at most negligible. Nobody has ever overdosed on weed.
    Additionally when you look at the use of cannabis extracts with cancer patients and their response and the improvement in quality of life you can’t help but question why it is illegal in the first place.
    My prediction is that within the next 10 years the unwarranted stigma associated with cannabis will be over, and it’ll probably be legal and normal in most countries.