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Cavenagh sets early Safari Rally pace


NAIROBI, Kenya, June 9 – Speed merchant Alastair Cavenagh took the overnight lead in the first day of the KCB Safari Rally during the first competitive section at the Uhuru Park.

Driving his Mitsubishi Evo 9, Cavenagh enthralled the crowed that turned out in huge numbers, completing the 1.19km spectator stage in 1 minute, and 07 seconds.

Coast based Peter Horsey in Mitsubishi Evo 10, settled for second spot, one second behind Cavenagh, followed by Ian Duncan in third.

Earlier the more than 80 rally drivers were flagged off at its tradition starting point the Kenyatta Conference Centre.

The atmosphere was as expected with pomp and colour lead by the chief guest Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports James Waweru who flagged off Ian Duncan first off the ramp.

Speaking before ushering the celebratory mood that marked the first of the three day Safari, Waweru acknowledged the development of the legendary rally.

“I note with appreciation the many local drivers who have entered the event this year. But more gratifying is the growing number of the growing of the all female teams who will be participating. I wish to see in the future more men and women competing side by side.”

Waweru also noted the economical pluses the Safari has benefited to the country.

“The KCB Safari Rally has continued to help diversify Kenyan sports and bring in foreign exchange through sports tourism. Its has continued to put Kenya on the map of leading sports destinations in Africa. The more than 80 cars participating in this years event attests to the popularity of the rally.”


It was a breath of fresh air with the return of the years past veterans Michelle Van Tongeren, who team up once again with her navigator Safina Syed Khan.

Van Tongeren whom together with Safina have been on a eight year hiatus, noted the huge entry of lady teams unlike it was back in their days.

“its really great to see so many ladies out there. When we were rallying there was no one else and so to come back to seeing all this new faces, to see all so many other ladies crew is really a great thing.

She added she missed the thrill of being in a rally car.

“I definitely missed being in a rally car, having the speed, having the thrill and its just lovely to be back.

The other ladies teams include Haraka Mamas’ Joan Nesbitt and Tamara Jones alongside the Rally Queens, KTN Rally Team of Anne Ngugi and Joy Doreen Biria, Warembo Bila Make Up which has Stella Macharia and Helen Shiria

After day 1 yesterday (Friday) the crews move on to Leg 1B of the schedule tomorrow (Saturday) which will see them tackle a competitive distance of 184.16km and transport road section totaling 172.69km.

Day 3 Sunday the action will have a competitive mileage of 138kilometers and a transport distance of 173 kilometers with the rally coming to a conclusion later on in the afternoon.


1. Alastair Cavenagh (EVO9) 1:07
2. Peter Horsey (EVOX) 1:08
3. Ian Duncan (EVO9) 1:09
4. Mohammed Essa (Zambia) 1:10
4. Raaji Bharij (EVO9)1:10
4. Carl Tundo (EVO9) 1:10
7. Baldev Chager (Subaru N16) 1:11
7. Izhar Mirza (EVO9) 1:11
9. Azar Anwar (EVO9)1:12
9. Ronald Sebuzi (UG-EVO9) 1:12
11. Giancarlo Davite (Rwa-Subaru ) 1:13
11. Anwar Pandya (Subaru 10) 1:13
11. John Nganga (Subaru) 1:13
11. Manvir Baryan (Subaru N16) 1:13
11. Imran Mogul (Subaru N10) 1:13
16. Duncan Mubiru (UG-Subaru N14) 1:14
16. Quentin Mitchell (Subaru N16)1:14
16. Onkar Rai (Subaru N16) 1:14
16. Charles Hinga (EVO7) 1:14
16. Galib Hajee (EVOX) 1:14
21. Jassi Chatthe (EVO9) 1:15
22. Don Smith (Subaru) 1:16
23. Dr. Ashraf Mohammed (Subaru)1:17
26. Tejvir Rai (N16) 1:18
27. Frank Tundo (EVO9) 1:20
28. Paras Pandya (Subaru N10) 1:22
29. H. Rehsi (EVO9) 1:23
29. Hapz Sagoo (N10) 1:23
31. Farhaaz Khan (Subaru N8)1:25
32. Waita Nzioka (Subaru N10) 1:39
33. Sudesh Hirani (Subaru N10)1:45

1. Alex Horsey (Datsun) 1:09
2. Simon Sharpe (Platz) 1:11
3. Hussein Malik (Subaru) 1:13
4. Ben Muchemi (EVO6) 1:14
5. Jaswinder Chana 1:15
6. John Muigai (Subaru) 1:16
7. Noor M. (Subaru) 1:18
8. Nish Lakhani (Land Rover 1:20
9. Jonathan Somen (ford Escort) 1:20
10. Alasdair Keith (Subaru) 1:21
11. Mahesh Halai (subaru) 1:23
12. Aslam Khan (Porsche911) 01:25
13. Joel Muchiri (Subaru gc8) 01:25
14. Samira Khan (Ford escort) 01:26
15. Rob Hellier (Datsun 160J) 01:28
16. Issa Amwari (Subaru) 01:28
17. Jasmeet Chana (Toyota Celice GT4)01:29
18. Michelle Van Tongeren (Subaru) 01:29
19. Stanley Thuo (Toyota Celica GT4) 01:29
20. Ramesh Vishram (Subaru) 01:30
21. Rajesh Maini (Range Rover) 01:33
22. Rashid Kabi (Subaru) 01:36
23. Andrew Muchemi (Subaru GC8) 01:37
24. Stella Macharua (Subaru gc8) 01:37
25. Edward Maina (Toyota Celica)01:39

1. Adnan Suhail (Daihatsu) 01:17
2. Gurmit Thethy (VW Golf) 01:23
3. James Kirimi (VW Golf) 01:24
3. Sammy Nyorri (Vitz) 01:24
3. Fred Wampamba 01:24
4. Jagjit Liddar (Golf) 01:25
4. Dennis Mwenda (Golf) 01:25
5. David Kioni (Levin) 01:27
6. Joan Nesbitt (Toyota Tercel) 01:28
7. Jitu Davda (Toyota Marino) 01:29
8. Victor Okundi (Toyota Vitz)01:30
8. Rajbir Rai (Golf) 01:30
9. Gedeon Kimani (Levin) 01:34
10. Leo Varese (VW Golf)01:35
11. Patrick Kibaara (Levin) 01:38
12. Dalbir Thetht (Toyota)01:39
13. Nadeem Kana (Subaru) 01:48