• Anonymous

    ….and it is ‘excise duty and not exercise duty…….sawa….wacha kujiaibisha

  • ukweli mtupu

    ‘Speaking to journalist on Friday, Finance Minister Njeru Githae however
    said the duty will be paid by the service providers and will not affect
    the customers in any way as earlier feared’ – Its all bollocks! no company worth its salt can absorb such a charge, unless subsidized by the Government which in effect it would be zero effect! – the customer will ultimately absorb it.

  • Johnie

    Tax cigarettes as well and French fries, and coca cola. They are responsible for increasing burden of non-communicable diseases jamming hospitals.

  • Two things: It will affect the customer one way or the other. If companies were in the habit of just taking fees from the govt and not do anything about it, they would not remain competitive for that long. Wait for part two of this.

    To a bigger point, how in the world is this not double taxation?? The companies pay taxes on their profits and now you’re coming in and demanding more money before they even figure out their profits? And in the meantime, we have the highest paid law makers on the planet deciding they’re not paid enough and they sneak bonuses in at the last minute in the middle of the night. Bonuses paid by what else, taxes. This is theft, its wrong and if we keep getting into a habit of taxing every last thing there is, we are going to lose innovators to other countries. Dont get me wrong, we have to have taxes to pay for services and such things. But there also has to be a sensible tax policy and it needs to include getting rid of waste-waste such as these grossly MP’s paying themselves. I have no problem paying taxes if we’re trying to eliminate waste and the taxes are being put to good use, like paying our teachers and doctors. Paying a greedy overpaid MP on the other hand is something we should all, NOT be comfortable with.