• Clemo

    Something fishy with these figures… How possible is it than Airtel has more fake handsets than Safaricom, yet the latter has like over 6 times more subscribers than them ? If Airtel switched off 740,000 subscribers I would expect Safaricom’s to disconnect at least 3.5 million. Most of these fake handsets are dual sim, and thus most likely the subscribers would at least use one of the sim slots for Safaricom (going by the millions of subscribers they have, plus their mpesa services, etc). The question is what percentage of fake phone subscribers has Safaricom switched of, 10%, 12% ….? I bet Safaricom is being the sly operator (as usual), either not being over enthusiastic in this project, or delaying doing so, since they clearly realise that every minute when these handsets are on air they are minting for them millions.

  • Airtel might have switched off all handsets in Mandera. We are without service from midnight. Can Airtel tell us what went wrong.

  • mac mugi

    now business will boom,pretty much now safcom/samsung/nokia etc will start selling you phones and thats more.Hey,thats a fantastic business model,they not loosing any money,infact you realise guys with fake phones ndio hawana credo sana sana,so if we can sell a phone now,whats life expectancy ot this phone,maybe one year,chancces u will loose it or get robbed.