• Visionary

    I want to make sure that Kenyans are not fooled by this, Thailand offers so much more for tourist while we do almost nothing. Being at the top in EA is meaningless as we are not really competing with good competitors. We need to do so much more to earn higher revenues.

  • santa

    Visionary…Did you not read the article? Despite unfavorable “tourist environments”
    having security threats, political and social pitfalls that would turn tourists in other directions, Kenya Tourist Board is doing their part and working hard to make Kenya the best choice for tourists to visit. Are we at 100%? No. We can’t be 100% better than our competition but we can be 1% better in 100 different ways. Stop whining and being foolish and arrogant. Celebrate that we are doing something right and that our efforts are being acknowledged. People like you disgust me. You always have to look for something wrong even when it’s right. Go to Thailand. We don’t need or want people like you….maybe stop by hell on your way there.