• mzee_wikileaks

    This demonstration is just crap! You cannot be paid your salary coz you have been paid your retrenchment dues., its commonsense. Retrenchment is very very normal and I know KQ has a very very lucrative package. I was retrenched from KQ in 2002 and we never “marched” on the streets. We left with our heads held high. Even that “fake TAWU” under Mr. Magese by then NEVER EVER came to our rescue. I would advice this dudes 1. to get the money and INVEST WISELY asap. Life does not end there, this might be a blessing in disguise. 2. You need counseling for what awaits you. Retrenchment is not fun, it breaks families, you lose your best friends who you thought will die for you, there is a drastic change in lifestyle and you guys need to adjust real fast. However, I wish you all well, but stop wasting time on the streets, join other Kenyans in building the nation in any other capacity. MOVE ON!! (Ex KQ staff now in Texas)

    • mike

      woooow!!!i truly support you….