• Am of the opinion that before anyone writes any article, should first of all ask himself/herself “Is what am about to write in accordance with the Bible?”

    • Njau

      What if someone does not believe in the bible?

      • Then they better write general articles like business or politics.

        • Njau

          So let me get this straight; any journalist or anybody for
          that matter that does not share your strong convictions about the bible should not also hold or share opinions about lifestyles that are in disagreement.

          • Ofcos they can but don’t go against God’s teachings. Would have been a better article if it were “One husband always the best”. What do you think a child reading this article will grow up thinking?

          • Polkot

            Balderdash! The bible has worse stories from murder, polygamy, incest, war,death name it and it remains a holy book.