Let me take this opportunity to thank the management f Equity bank for coming up with the idea of scholarship program which is meant to support young people who are gifted in academics to pursue their dreams. The idea deserve the glory from Kenyans who understands that the future of our country is founded on the hands of young people.Am also grateful for your competent and vast services that you offer to us as your customers.
    Though you are good and promising bank i have problem with the criteria you use in selecting the financially disadvantaged student. You have been claim to award the first student per district i the KCSE result but this has not been happening in some district such as Kangema. in the year 2010 you awarded the second student instead of the first student and comparing the two the first was more needier than the student. Another thing is that you need to consider some factors when doing the selection such as background and the condition under which the student made it . you might claim to be considering this factors but i completely disagree with you because of the case that happened at Withaga district. Two student were at per one from a day school and the other from a boarding school, i wonder which criteria you used to select the student from the boarding school rather than the other student whom i think deserved the scholarship. The reason as to why i think the student from day school deserved the scholarship it is due to the conditions he made it and also think if the parent of the other student had made it meet his boarding school fees they couldn’t much struggle in taking their son to university.
    However,you can improve on this by visiting the homes of the qualified student so to know their background and also embrace transparency in your selection and avoid external influences. Lastly am a student at Strathmore university and it is my dream to in your bank and i wish you can incorporate me in your selection committee. Thank you in advance.