• Jeffery Hoe

    Countries like America and Israel who are attacking independent countries just for their own interests should be punished but not Iran. Iran has every right to defend their country no matter how even with nuclear arms.

  • Mason

    European countries are broke,this is a show of solidarity with terrorist state of Israel which has 200 plus nuclear bombs . Israel does not let even IAEA to inspect their nuclear facilities. What a hypocrisy?

  • Shamshir

    Iran, one of the oldest civilizations in history, is being threatened by the USA, Canada, Israel, Europe and the filthy Arab sellouts. They may be outnumbered, but they will triumph.

  • Procivic

    The French went on their backs when the Germans entered Paris in 1940 — and that’s where they stayed until near the war’s end. The Security Council permanent membership is composed of countries that triumphed in WWII and the five members see fit to dictate to the rest of the world nearly 70 years after the conflict. But one wonders what France is doing on the council and how they got the bomb and why they allow themselves to say what is acceptable or unacceptable.

  • EU is the real looser when it comes to Iran sanction.EU has lost over 50 Billions Eurors in direct business opportunity by imposing embargo on Iran.United States does not lose on Iran sanction.Iran is no threat to Europe.Iran’s problem is with Isreal,not even with the United States.It is not for Europe to go too far in Iran sanction drive.The continent is so politically matured that can figure out her problems with Iran.This country has problems.Its not democratic and its policy of empty threat against others is always problamatic but in this sanction government will not change its behaviour but instead people suffer but put the blames not their own government but the west.