• Cat

    Government only owns about 30% of KQ. You can’t give a roadside directive when there are other shareholders involved.
    KQ is no longer a parastatal!
    Bwana Prime Minister you are slowly losing my vote with this kind of road side declarations.

  • Fatigued Kenyan

    busybody!!! this too-much-ness and nose everywhere bstyle must cease!!

  • Gathii

    Bwana PM, did you consult the other principal on this? If not then you are only entitled to block half of the planned retrenchment since as you keep reminding us you are only entitled to mkate nusu!

    • @Gathii: He could not have consulted at all. His eyes are ever fixed on mere pretences that dont serve any purpose at all. He is intent on playing “mister good” for the sake of votes. Business has totally very different considerations when laying off workers. But if you told the guy that he was misusing his little powers, his pugnacious fellows will jump in to fight for him! I get the feel why brother Hon. Kimunya stated that Nairobi stock exchange was not a fish market!