6 thoughts on “CHICKEN-ROVERS”

  1. Your writing is very similar to Jeremy Clarksons. I do agree with your first and last sentence, not much everything else in the middle. You attract what you are, and in order to do that, you have to be looking at the right place. Period.

  2. I love the last bit “we attract what we are. You want a gentleman; start with being a lady of character and men will step up.”

  3. the british gentleman is different from the american gentleman and the italian gentleman. Don’t expect a real Kenyan gentleman to be like any of the mentioned but a fake will probably copy the british gentleman. our culture and upbringing define our behaviour, the kenyan gentleman will secure his family’s future and lead the family to prosperity and will treat his wife with respect (he may never mention it but to him the wife is like a god). opening car doors, recieving flowers and retiring to the village penniless is not my idea of gentleman.

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