• The same should happen in Kenya with immidiate effect-To save the generations to come.We still need our pple around us.Dubai will be implementing the new rules soon for the sake of their beloved pple.Why not Kenya….Kenyan Gorvenment must initiate & implement the same rules

    • Boiyot

      Unfortunately the Kenyan government/MPs are controlled very much by the tobacco companies… Remember when they came up with the no smoking in public law? Rumour had that majority of the MPs were taken down the coast to ‘discuss’ the legislation. Guess who the sponsor of the conference was? BAT!

      • Tom Randiki

        Such baseless rumours and snide innuendos only help to trivialise an otherwise important discussion on tobacco. Indeed, the introduction of “faceless” packaging has no scientific basis. Nondescript packaging will only lead to governments losing more revenue due to smuggling and counterfeit productions. And it is true that once tobacco goes underground, like during the prohibition in the 1920s, only mafia-like organisations will thrive thus replacing a minor evil with a major evil. We should not understate the damage caused by cigarettes, but neither should we jump from the pan into the fire with even more damaging legislation without thinking through the medium and long term effects.

  • Hold on. Blaming the tobacco companies for ‘packaging’ is a load of hooey. Why not just STOP smoking? Who does not know it is bad for you? I was taught many years ago as a kid by my parents, by my teachers, by society that smoking is BAD for your health. Stop blaming BAT & blame the weak-minded who smoke despite knowing the ill effects of smoking!

  • Dominic k

    As someone who went through hell trying to quit smoking, I support any law, any judgement, any tax, anything that try to put the evil tobacco companies out of business. Cigarettes are the only products that when used as directed, will surely kill you. Forget about packaging. All tobacco products should be banned.