• caroline spencer

    A vagina! Every woman has one I would like to assume. — lol Duhh!!

    Nice article 🙂

    • Dwayne Carter

      Lol this admin

  • #DONGE! ®

    Nice article 🙂

  • Dwayne Carter

    Hehehehehe admin punguza nyege jameni unaniharibu

  • Joel Ndungu

    i love pussy! thanks God for it and i thank admin for giving us a hint, that way we can understand our baibes better

  • milly shiro

    hhehe ati you assume everyone has

  • phylq felicity

    nice article and a great lesson to all women

  • Kaloki Jnr

    I have a stiffy in the office while my colleague decided to show us her cameltoe too..the stiffy has lasted for 40mins….daamn…plz write more articles like this so that i reduce going to porn sites for stiffies!

    • zack

      its nomal

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    Great job

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    nice one!!!

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    Lol phewwww….shower time hehe

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    Nice one!!

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    If No Ky gel jaribu “solea”

  • marto

    Research based.