8 thoughts on “MESSI-50TH”

    1. Congratulations dear, keep up with the attitude, people who use abusive hateful language normally reduce themselves to acting and being primitive equivalent to animals so I dont blame you, monkeys are our cousins, right!

  1. I have actually done all these to my Gal without any form of considerations, they were all naturally occurring, except that I have not married her. But the problem with ladies, even if you do all these, and more, they still don’t see, they still don’t trust you, they still don’t believe you! Ladies…. are ladies!

    1. well, as per my experience, a woman/man can only be able to love you back if they appreciate you….. its simply put they have to learn to find a higher % in your positives than in -ves, they have also to be willing to work with you, on the other hand if some1 does not love someone even if you please her/him, they wont see anything they will only identify with -ves….

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