Shame on heavies as Chisora, Haye brawl


MUNICH, Germany, February 20 – Heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora was released without charge on Sunday after an astonishing press conference brawl with bitter British rival David Haye, who he threatened to shoot.

Chisora, who had been defeated by defending champion Vitali Klitschko in Saturday’s WBC heavyweight title clash here, was detained by police, along with trainer Don Charles, at Munich airport as he was preparing to board a plane home.

The pair gave statements, but were released on Sunday evening and allowed to return to the United Kingdom, although the whereabouts of Haye are unknown.

“Munich-based detectives are investigating allegations of grievous bodily harm and threatening behaviour by Chisora,” said a spokesman for Munich police.

“They are also investigating Chisora’s trainer and Haye for assault. Both Chisora and his coach were arrested at Munich airport and have given statements, they have also named legal representation.

“After consideration, prosecutors decided to release them at 17.45 (local time, 1645 GMT). The whereabouts of David Haye are still unknown.”

Munich police searched Haye’s hotel room on Sunday morning, but there was no sign of the former WBA heavyweight champion.

The British Boxing Board of Control has already indicated they will launch an investigation into events leading up to the embarrassing melee in Munich, when Chisora was heard shouting that he wanted to “shoot” and “burn” Haye.

Thomas Puetz, president of Germany’s Professional Boxers (BdB) Federation, said he does not want to see Chisora box in Germany again.

“We are considering a boxing ban for Chisora in Germany,” Puetz told German website

“This guy is a public menace. He has no place in a German ring. (Former German heavyweight champion) Max Schmeling would turn in his grave.

“I guess David Haye, as an intelligent man, is trying to promote himself, but with regards to Chisora, I doubt whether he has the mental capacity to practise a contact sport.”

On Saturday, Chisora lost to Klitschko by a unanimous points decision, but the fight inside the ring was overshadowed by the violence in the post-fight press conference between the two British fighters.

Haye, 31, who was working as a TV pundit, branded Chisora “a loser”.

Chisora promptly left the head table at the press conference to confront Haye, who he dubbed “an embarrassment”.

Haye, the former World Boxing Association (WBA) champion, who was defeated on points by Vitali’s brother Wladimir in July, had insisted he wanted to fight Vitali on June 2.

Adam Booth, trainer of Haye and working at the fight for the BBC, was left with a cut head, while Haye was seen brandishing a cameraman’s tripod in the scuffles which shamed the struggling heavyweight division.

Chisora was repeatedly heard shouting that he would “shoot” Haye during a barrage of expletives as the pair were separated by stunned on-lookers.

Chisora, 28, won few friends in Munich after he slapped Klitschko in the face at Friday’s weigh-in, then spat water in the face of Wladimir Klitschko minutes before the fight.

Wladimir, who holds the IBF, WBO and WBA heavyweight belts, told Sky News: “I’m totally disappointed. The sport of boxing shouldn’t be like that.

“Bloody faces in the news conference… fighting in the ring, not out. I’m really surprised.”

Vitali, who defended his WBC title for the 10th time, said he did not respect Chisora as a person.

“If you are a sportsman with millions of people watching, you have to set a good example, and Chisora didn’t do that,” Klitschko said.

“I have got respect for Chisora as a fighter but no respect as a human being.”

Chisora had earlier explained why he slapped Vitali.

“I signed to fight Wladimir but he didn’t give me a fight (Wladimir Klitschko twice pulled out injured before fighting Haye instead of Chisora).

“I was out of the ring for 18 months because of that. I told my mother that when I see one of those brothers, he’s going to get a slap. Vitali drew the short straw and it was him.

“But I will also give Wladimir a slap and David Haye a slap if I see him.”

Moments later, Chisora and Haye were trading blows.