• demarq

    The mwanainchi have and will always be Safaricom’s tower of strength. I think it is good for Bob to think about data and innovation but the company has to keep close to the tower at all times.

    Bob doesn’t seem to value the lower end of the market the way his predecessor did, as was evidence by his comment last year ” We’re OK with losing market share (faced with unrealistically low
    rates) and focusing on Nairobi and high-income communities.” Not working out it seems.

    MPesa is the Michael Josephs legacy at the company and the only thing thats keeping the ship going. Collymore needs to prove that his “high-level” approach worth a damn in the next two quarters or things are really going to start going south. His claims that profits can not be generated at certain prices, will begin to reflect inadequacy rather than market factors.

    On a side note the company’s CFO really needs to pronounce MPesa correctly it’s not “MPeza”. Thats kind of important.