• Patrick Kal El Jnr

    There’s only one thing that i agree with in this article and that is the love life between Superman and Lois was rushed. DC Comics’ characters have very deep and extensive backgrounds compared to Marvel characters,hence you cannot make movies based on these characters and forego their backgrounds. Man Of Steel is about Clark discovering himself as a boy, teen and an adult. We see this very clearly in the movie. This is a part that not many people know or want to know but its part of who Superman is. It’s part of what makes him the hero that we want to see ‘flying and saving people’. In this movie we see how he struggles to become more than just normal, he struggles to be an ambassador of Truth, Justice and the American way. So many viewers of the Man Of Steel just went to see the action, they didn’t want to know that Clark didn’t just automatically know how to use his powers he had to learn how to use them, if you’ve watched Smallville you know this had to be told but not assuming that everyone did watch Smallville. Man Of Steel showed us how Clark becomes Superman, how he become the hero we all want, the hero we all need