• Spelling Police

    You mean “baffle” love!

    • Maureen

      Nope! I really did mean “buffled” 😉

  • annon

    did you mean ‘baffle’? surely…work on your grammar

    • Maureen

      I’ll say it again…I meant “buffle” which is urban slang and that’s why it is in quotes. Thank you!

  • Sifu Simon Arturius

    no fucking way…man….what the fuck…..dude man…dresses….fuck the designer….what the fuck….am gona throw up…damn!

    • Sylvie

      he he i agree, this should not be encouraged…

  • Rik

    WOW!!! Why NOT??? It feels grat i think!

  • Sylvie

    oh lawd! no way…i would not be turned on by a man wearing these outfits…

  • aria

    Kanye West can

  • Martin I Sweden

    Me and my wife realy likes the two from the left in the second row. My wife planed to sew one for me so this was a great input. Thanks.

  • Ursula Pasche Stouffer

    Yuck, I hope no real man will want to wear these. They all look like they’ve decided to try wearing their wife’s/girlfriend’s outfits. And they look pretty mortified, too.