5 thoughts on “KARIM-BENZEDMA”

  1. I think in all fairness particularly to the bride and yourself, if you do not want to be a bridesmaid you could always say no…instead of begrudgingly going ahead with it. Its never that serious.

  2. waaaaaa..as i read through the article i was thinking to self”Is it such a sad affair?’ been on several line ups and honestly speaking never had a bad experience(enjoyed the process..I agree with you,different body types,different dress designs..that should always always be considered,but there’s a MIGHTY big difference when the bridesmaids all show up with dresses from different tailors/sources and i assure you it will look off..what you can do is advice the bride,she aint no monster,if you know of a good/fair tailor..go with the cheaper option.(cheap but good work..i can volunteer contacs)I could go on n on n on..let me leave it at that..

  3. you have 3 bridesmaid occasions coming up and you said yes? Clearly, you enjoy this, so stop pretending to complain. Write another article about why you love doing this.

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