• Geoff Lusterd

    No we dont care. when my wife was pregnant, i was obsessed with them with their swollen state and after giving birth and she’s lactating..love them more…or probably, i love the woman inside than the outside..yes…i love my wife the way she is.

    • Greenmarshmarrows

      so, u have been suckling them? alternating with the baby? what a bad man!!!

      • Ngoma

        Paka mzee pia hunywa maziwa!

        • njanemuiruri


  • Sharon

    Men love all boobies! I am sure there is a dude pining over Aretha Franklin’s boobies right now 🙂
    We women just wear bra’s for comfort…

    • Ngoma

      Comfort – Really?

    • hahahaha thats too much

    • njanemuiruri

      Not true, sagging breasts flip flopping all-over surely r a turn-off.

  • Sagging boobs are not appealing, I love seeing a cleverge in a lady and when you hug one with sleeping boobs, it doesn’t feel like one with pointed ones!!

  • Hypeman

    You should an article on nipples…my ex had these long finger like nipples..so really couldnt tell when they got excited whenever we are on it..great piece though..

  • theNjine

    Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon and his team have been studying boobs for over 15 years???!!! lol. Personally, i care. Who wouldn’t want perky breasts to adore everyday?? I don know about y’all but i would. Saggy boobs are not luring.

  • Eish, boobs that are as flat as chapati are NOT, i repeat NOT appealing.

  • Mazzdark

    How the article starts….quite a mind pic there