13 thoughts on “RVP-DORTMUND”

  1. No we dont care. when my wife was pregnant, i was obsessed with them with their swollen state and after giving birth and she’s lactating..love them more…or probably, i love the woman inside than the outside..yes…i love my wife the way she is.

  2. Men love all boobies! I am sure there is a dude pining over Aretha Franklin’s boobies right now 🙂
    We women just wear bra’s for comfort…

  3. You should an article on nipples…my ex had these long finger like nipples..so really couldnt tell when they got excited whenever we are on it..great piece though..

  4. Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon and his team have been studying boobs for over 15 years???!!! lol. Personally, i care. Who wouldn’t want perky breasts to adore everyday?? I don know about y’all but i would. Saggy boobs are not luring.

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