• anji

    I think if two people really want to be together , they be together because their is always a way that things can be worked out

  • lisa raye

    Am a psychology student at UoN and trust me when I tell you that love is an illusion….the fact that your ex left you and you are trying it with someone else means you want something from that someone…emotional connection, financial stability, finesse, their status (dress-code) and companionship…

    • Love is NOT an illusion and just because you are a psychology major does not give you rights to validate it so. Love most times confused with feelings is a choice. Feelings are temporary and they fade.

  • mercy macheche

    i think its the feeling of love not love….n why would u make up 6 times? the more times u make up n break up, u start taking each other for granted n it becomes a routine n boring.