• Anonymous

    Woohoo! Our colonial masters are back, ironically on independence day! Tawala Kenya, tawala!

    Local capacity trumps foreign dependence any day. That is why there should be a law that the proceeds of any illegal activities carried out in the country be invested productively within the country-at the pain of death.
    Steal here, use it here. Since we cannot stamp out corruption/drug dealing/money laundering.

    As for the Britons, karibu and enjoy your stay. Spend as much as you can!

  • Kiharakariuki69

    Konza ICT city taking shape? Brilliant.

  • Malema

    Kalonzo is very weak in vision and can easily sell-us-out to imperialists who do not have anything in their country. Some of these guys have nothing to offer to Kenya and Africa. We have to trek very carefully who we deal with. Let us not open our resources to exploiters under the guise of investment. See what is happening with Safari Com paying billions to Britain in the name of parnership. That is how we are fooled and we go back to beg from the same people for manipulative loans. Europeans are running havoc, econmically. Can you go and control anything in these country that act as partners? Be very vigilant.