Bitok predicts London 2012 outing


NAGANO, Japan, November 6 –It is a sure bet to predict Kenya won’t be among the three teams that will secure tickets to the Olympic Games at the conclusion of the FIVB World Cup taking place in several cities in Japan, but competing here certainly will help its chances of being in London next summer.

“This is the first time we have the chance to compete against teams like Brazil and United States so it is the right moment to prepare for the African Continental Olympic Qualifiers,” says Paul Bitok, former men’s national team player and currently the coach of the women’s side.

The zonal event will take place in a country still to be designed but Bitok likes the chances of his country to be among the twelve sides competing in London.

“Now we have more chances to play against good teams,” Bitok comments. “In the past we only competed in Africa, but now with the Championship Clubs held in Qatar every year we have more opportunities to get experience.”

Seven players of the National Team played for Kenya Prisons, the women’s team that represented Africa the past two years at Doha.

To compete in the international scene has given more exposure to the African players who already have received some contract proposals for playing in Europe.

“That would be great for us,” Bitok said. “Getting better training and techniques should help us in the future.”

He said Everlyne Makuto Mercy Moim and Lydia Maiyo are among the players who have been approached by teams from Germany, Turkey and Romania.

“I am sure that we are going to win a match or two before we leave Japan,” Bitok predicts. “Winning a set from a team like Serbia is a good sign of better things for us in the future.