• Hotpotato

    Hahaaa..Microsoft is a robber too. Too much money for nothing. MONOPOLY, MONOPOLY. Their software is too expensive. Go try men..but I doubt if wins will fall your way. Go boys..go boys. Even in US, software piracy is at about 70%.

  • can’t shut down http://www.thepiratebay.org,how do they plan to do that in Kenya?if u r caught there is linux free for us by us.

  • Kenyan

    ah aha aha.  talk about the case of the rich trying to kill the poor coz they cannot afford a product.

  • Cookie Crumbler

    ‘would create $142 billion in new economic activity while adding nearly
    500,000 new high-tech jobs and generating roughly $32 billion in new
    tax revenues by 2013′ for an economy.’

    In which country?
    Definately not in Kenya.