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Nationwide League states position on FK polls


NAIROBI, Kenya, October 23- The Nationwide Football League has moved to state its position ahead of Saturday’s Football Kenya (FK) elections.

In a statement signed by its convener, Kennedy Onyonyi on Wednesday, the second tier domestic league competition declared they would not back any of the seven candidates or camps allied to them in the elections.

“Individual Nationwide teams representatives will be expected to vote in their individual capacities and not as a block. We would like those voting to freely and responsibly exercise their democratic rights without undue influence from any quarters,” it read.

“We have taken adequate measures to ensure nationwide clubs have a clear understanding of the quality of leadership we desire and the attributes of candidates contesting. We have freely engaged all contestants and now it is upon those voting to do so based on informed awareness,” the announcement added.

The league cautioned all contestants against hawking the non-elective slot in the FK executive reserved for them charging the position would be filled as provided for in the National League Constitution.

On promotion to the top tier Kenyan Premier League, the convener dispelled the supposition that the best teams from the parallel competitions organised by Kenya Football Federation and Football Kenya Limited that stand dissolved on Saturday would be automatically elevated.

“I wish to state that this is merely wishful thinking since KFF does not have credible teams to participate in Premier League, and therefore automatic promotion of a team from that league may lead to another Congo/Bandari embarrassment.”

“We will have only the best promoted and arrangements to have play-offs at the end of the season involving four teams from each of the administrations upon which the two top teams will be promoted have been finalised,” Onyonyi expressed.

After the elections, the Nationwide Football League Limited to work out logistics of integrating credible teams from KFF league into the Nationwide League.