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Extreme mountain challenge on


NAIROBI, Kenya, September 16- This year’s Mashujaa Day (October 20) weekend will be marked by a unique event dubbed Mt. Kenya Extreme Sports Challenge.

Launched last week, the event will see participants drawn from the public sector and corporate firms engage in daunting races at a punishing 9,200 elevation at the Kesal Base Camp located at Kenya’s highest mountain.

Competition will involve an extreme adventure, sky marathon, jungle race and corporate team building.

The Extreme Sports challenge seeks to raise funds for the conservation efforts of one of the main water towers in the country in addition to introducing the concept of mountain sports tourism.

Registration fee for the extreme adventure is pegged at Sh4,000, Sh1,000 for jungle race and Sky Marathons with corporate teams required to folk out Sh50,000.

The mountain rumble is organised under the aegis of Mount Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership with Magical Kenya, Kenya Forest Service, National Environment Management and Athletics Kenya partnering.

Participants are expected to arrive at the base on October 20 before action in the one-day event kick-off the next day.