4 thoughts on “SONNY-SHEEP”

  1. Your ancestors is notyou so get over it,many whites where slaves in past but no white people are screaming at the turks for their ancestors

    Also it was blacks WHO sold the slaves to the whites in africa and its still going on now soifyou care so much get on a boat to africa and go help stop this instead of spongng of your ancestors

  2. AND IT WAS NOT A HOLOCAUST oh and many whites died fighting to free you yet you still hate white people yet man died trying to free you when they didn’t have to,yes there was other policies at play but everyone was still willing to fight for this.

    It was not whites of today or blacks of today,it did not happen to you

    Still I agree why the dolls might offend but I am black and it doesn’t bother me cause it wasn’t me.

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