• Brikenyan

    Pray please tell which marriages are these that come with a change of dress code? None of my friends married home and abroad in the last five years changed their dress code the only time the females had to was when they were pregnant. i think marriage is a noble institution that has since time immerial been abused the wealthy force their kids to marry each other in the name of merging business, the European royals and aristocrats are notorious for marrying for all the wrong reason, whether it is to acquire a title or a country, big name families all over the world rarely marry outsiders so if you a big name and fall in love with a commoner it is highly unlikely your folks will bless the marriage. I think if two people are genuinely in love and want to share the rest of their lives together then they should get married, but marrying for titles, wealth, etc is a recipe for disaster you may probably never be happy and look for that happiness elsewhere the rate of divorce these days is high enough and all these big name family couples who married for the wrong reasons stick it out to save face i would rather be single than in a loveless marriage i just can’t!

    • Brikenyan


      • kawawa

        but you are the only one who can set the difference between fact and fiction

      • Watchdog

        Thanks my friend, you noticed the nitty-gritty!

  • joshua

    i agree 100% marriage is a hell prison maybe customary where you marry and separate under customary law otherwise alter thing is crap

  • clara

    the writer should have nailed the reason for single-hood preference on the head rather than giving us excuses – those are excuses. it is basically that roles of a modern woman have largely changed in the today’s society- where modernity has ensured women can be leaders, become breadwinners and make family decisions-yet the modern man is still groomed on our forefather’s family values; that, right there generate conflict as modern man and woman are on different wavelength. when women were housekeepers, men breadwinners, there was harmony in marriage, now everyone are on the same level and so our traditions, religious doctrine and family as we new them no-longer guide marriages. my two cents.

  • FYI there are more seperated, divorced and single people in the UK than there are married people and in China as well.

    The marriage age has gone up from 23yrs (10yrs ago) to 31 in Japan, and thats just for women. Oh! and they have more single, seperated and divorced ple than there are married people. That will be the case in the states in the next 10 yrs.. ie more single, seperated, divorced and co-parenting people than there are otherwise, however in ethnic groupings there.. the former are more prevalent than married in both black/ african groups and latin american groups. So I’m stumped where you get your information.. because its quite apparent..(google is ur bff) that you cant back this statement up ” there would be more separated and divorced people than married people.” – all over the world.