Macharia at the helm of KMSF


NAIROBI, Kenya, August 9- Former Group N’ navigator champion, Dave Macharia is the new chairman of Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF).

Macharia, who is also the chairman of Rallye Sports Club, ascended to the hot seat on Tuesday with enthusiastic pledges to put the sport back on track.

Kenya Rally Drivers Association boss, Mark Tilbury was also elected the chair of the Motor Sports Council which is the supreme decision making organ at KMSF.

During the three hour exercise, Macharia was unanimously elected to the post by the board of directors of KMSF at the Federation’s boardroom situated at Nairobi’s Riverside Drive secretariat.

He replaces Jim Kahumbura, who incidentally is his former driver when the pair won the KNRC Group N’ title in 1997.

Macharia admitted that the task lying ahead of him was huge after the board charged him with the key task to govern their meetings.

The meeting also decided to separate the duties of the council chairman from the board chairman.

“I agree it’s a hot seat but the end of one race is surely the start of another. My first promise to Kenyans is the sport is coming back to where it was four years ago. I also believe the team behind me is a capable,” said Macharia.

He added he would set on salvaging the dented image of the sport as well as regaining sponsors confidence.

The Government, through Sports Commissioner Gordon Oluoch, acknowledged and pledged its support to the new KMSF Board for holding peaceful elections.

Tilbury, who is a former chairman of the rallies commission stated, “We had a good meeting today. We all agreed that from now on, there will be complete board decisions. We will make decisions collectively; so there will be no decisions made by one person.”

First major task for the new team will be to re-negotiate for an extension to the Sh30m the three-year KNRC title sponsorship from KCB that ends in December 2011 and then improve support from other firms.

KMSF elections proper took place on Saturday where outgoing chairman, Kahumbura, Ben Muchemi and Bimal Patel were replaced by Kevin McCourt, Mark Tilbury and Peter Kinyua.

Dr Sunil Vinayak was given another term to help revitalise the poor state of Motor Sports in the country.