• Darthkuriboh

    Good. They don’t belong there. Greece is for white Greeks.

  • Good, go back to Africa!

  • Bloody good because they dont belong anywhere in europe.If you bring these 3rd world parasites into a 1st world country dont expect it to stay a 1st world country!


    Fucking parasites! LEAVE WHITE EUROPE!

  • Europe is for Europeans

    “Many of these men would like nothing more than to leave Greece for other EU countries, where some have relatives and friends.”
    Why don’t you go back to where you came from, parasites?

  • Rag Narok

    GTFO. Who wants a nation flooded with these 70 IQ beasts?

  • Some one who once lived there

    Greeks can dare say they do not want immigrants and yet they are all over Africa ….if Africans leave then all of those idiots Greeks in Africa should leave

    • Fair trade. Ok, let’s do it. All greeks/europeans that do crime in europe leave and africans do the same here. I can live with that deal.

  • I love Golden Dawn more and more every day! Spread your wings Golden Dawn. Greece belongs to the ethnic Greeks. It’s funny hearing an Black African complain about racism whereas in South Africa his ‘bruddas’ having having a blast killing and raping (muh dik) White farmers. Karma’s a bitch.

  • DaveLDN

    “They chased him down the street like a goat.”

    I guess afro boy is reminiscing about his sex life back home.

  • James Flower

    Oh boo hoo poor Africans who cause nothing but violence and crime wherever they go, when will they get the message? You are not wanted in Europe, leave and go back to where you came from. Europe is for white Europeans.

  • Mwafrika!

    Proud to be African!!! Can never hate on a fellow human being, regardless of his skin colour.

    • kenai

      You aren’t disliked for your skin color. It’s your shitty uncivilized, uncultured, sub human criminal and parasitic behavior that people don’t like. Do the civilized White world a favor and drag your ass back to Africa and be as ‘proud’ as you want to be…in Africa.

  • kenai

    So, those illegal aliens have money for ‘four, five consecutive air tickets’ to go parasite other White Europeans but they can’t buy an airline ticket back to the muddaland? Gee, how rude of the Greeks to shut off the ‘gibsmedat’. God bless the Golden Dawn, you are an inspiration to beleaguered White people everywhere.

  • Jesus Christ

    Europe invades and exploits other countries. Europeans bitch about people in thsoe countries having to emigrate to the EU just to survive.

    • kenai

      Do you mean like in Rhodesia? Oh, wait a minute, that’s Zimbabwe now. How’s that working out, JC? Kinda’ like Kenya or South Africa, ya’ think?

    • We at least gave them instead of just taking. Literacy, basic inventions like sanitary and cars, the breadbasket of Africa that is now Zimbabwe and medicines and vaccinations. Not to mentions who gives the most aid in form of food there? That’s right.

      Least you can do is not to ruin us.

  • Nico

    African invadors should stay in Africa….It will be better for everyone.

  • er

    All Europe is invaded by fast breeding non whites who exhausted their territory’s resources, in search of new lands to destroy,
    Stand up and fight the invasion, Golden Dawn is the right answer.

  • We don’t want you in other part of Europe either. Too much troubles and violence follow you. We have ENOUGH poor people of our own needing jobs here!

  • Realist

    You don’t belong in Greece. You people are mostly criminals and savages. Go do that stuff in Africa not in Greece. They portray you savages as poor innocents but the media hides the truth on how most of you commit crimes against Greeks. Pack up your stuff and go back to Africa.

  • Gyros

    Life is hard in the country we invaded illegally, yet you stay and don’t go back home only seeking to enter another nation. Why? Go back home and change your country.

  • csno1

    Go back to your home parasite. Europe’s sick of all of you. You’re only here because our elite, corporations, leftists, and Zionist Jews opened our borders, making it illegal for the native inhabitants to criticise this genocidal process, through the use of empty labels like racism and speech prohibition laws.

    Your days are numbered, foreigners. At least when the time comes you’ll be given the courtesy of us asking you nicely to go back to your resource rich continents. But the traitors – they wont escape what’s coming to them.

    Europe’s not for Africans, not for Asians; it’s for Europeans only.
    Europe for Europeans.

  • chuchi

    Go back to Africa or die.

  • Bernie1967

    Negroes do not belong in Europe. God put negroes in Africa for a reason, so they can roam free with the lion and the antelope.

    Negroes are incapable to build a beautiful society for themselves, and incapable of assimilating into human society. Negroes want to freeload and infect Europe with the negroe disease. I say no to negroes in Europe.

    • mfish618

      All over the world humans are tired of TNB. Go back from whence you came [and take your aids with you].

  • Africa for Africans

    Asia for Asians

    White European countries for EVERYONE!

    Anti-Racist is just codeword for Anti-White!

    Please wake up to this WHITE GENOCIDE!

  • This is the plan for White genocide that “anti-racists” are complicit in: 1) Flood all White countries with millions of non-Whites; 2) Force-integrate these non-Whites into White
    communities; 3) Push interracial relationships 24/7 in the media; 4) Anyone that objects to this is a “racist”. They say a brown future is inevitable, but we know that anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.