• James Mrisho

    to me, it seems like your vajeyjey is scaring him! or the simplest thing to do is have him circumcised bcoz it cant be the glans that have lost sensitivity while there’s a foreskin and a condom on top of it!! just my 2 cents..

    • Opuk Pek

      Weee!! Wacha fitina. Veyjey scaring him until he can’t cool his prick? How? There is a genuine problem here that requires a medical solution and that is what they should get. Or does a veyjey eat men?

  • Eye Scream

    Your Vajay is simply not tight a.k.a. no grip. I have the similar issue with a girl before. But was quickly compatible with other… Like Instantly. If he has to Masturbate, and he has no problem getting it up quick, then its not psychological. So, try tightening it up…

  • Lenny

    What will somebody who has premature ejaculation say?She shud be glad

  • Patriot

    The Vjay is not tight enough for the dude, go for Kegels and stop blaming the poor man.

    • Loisoiflame

      I wonder why some people alive can be this mean and reckless. it is not normal . you never know if it is you tomorrow. This is not a choice . my mum told me as long as you live never laugh at another man’s tragedy

      • Patriot

        The writer (Lady) is quick to surmise that the problem lies with the dude. To be polite, I have been in a situation like that n it happens when the vjay is lax, happens soon after (normal) childbirth. So however much there will be a scientific theory about delayed ejaculation, the first culprit should be the lady. And I aint laughing at the poor dude, he just should try a different kettle of fish.