• A truly deserved win! Congratulations Shamim!!!!!! 

  • PAY UP

    she took home 1 million or it was said……..only time will tell if she actually gets the money

  •  Congratulations Shamim!!!!!! 

  • kui Kirumba

    True beauty gal, uv got a lovely smile. Congratulations cos you deserve it. Now allyou have to do is make us proud in China.

  • Henry3

    Venezuela Venezuela 

  • Miss Vee

    The sari Miss World Europe is wearing is to die for. Anyone know where to buy something almost similar in Nairobi?

    Congragulations Shamim, make Kenya proud

  • Sylvia Ayoti

    congrats bury u deserve it…….go 4 it coz o r a heroine

  • awesome photography by Ncube

  • Tangent Sine33

    no cngrats 4 u, for degradin the muslim community

    • Tessie

       hater!let her be.

    • Famsa

      true dats a digrace, our beauty is not to be judged by an audience. just like a sweet wrapped in paper and another without, u drop them both which would you choose to pick and eat????  The wrapped one ofcourse so value your beauty as its a great gift from your Lord whom you seem to have forgetten with all the attention you are getting, the fame and the price money. Islam is all about DIGNITY………

      • anicla

        When u truly understand the Massage of the Islamic religion u will be ashamed of making such comments even to urself. U should understand that is does not Matter how much cover a person puts on when inside is a spoil soul. after
        all gaments are mainly material things forcuss on the spiritual and the positive. she is BEAUTIFUL a true proof that God loves us that is why we r beautiful in his eyes it does not matter what u were.

      • sada

        i think is not right to condem people are u ur self holy than thou..shamim u make us proud

  • Congratulation  Shamim, now you have accomplished your goal .Go on Girl you deserve it

  • Very Sad Muslim Girl

    Inna lillahi wainna ilayhi raajiun. Take heed Muslim girl with the Prophet teachings..
    An uncovered body has no value in society….your precious body infront of Allah sw is not worth of one million plus….but far much valuable when covered which will be rewarded abundantly by Allah sw if you follow Islam the true guidance to human kind.

    • Anicla

      stop using the name of the Lord in vain a true believer does not criticizer others. For those who do are the worse in His eyes.
      Her believe is not to be proven to u but to Him.

  • Jayleenpatel

    faith swty, am sosososo proud n happy for u…shammiii hun congrats gal, so proud of  u. …….u go gals

  • Bigsmall95

     This is Very Sad! Whats Happening to our Ummah!!?  What direction are we taking?!!
    Innalilahi wa inna ileihi rajiun. FEAR ALLAH!!