• interesting….

  • I like this!

  • Alizika11

    This is pure truth thanks for sharing without fear.Men also need their version.

  • This is great.what about the culprits(men)?

  • Cate

    I can’t believe this, was that really a doctor who gave such slight advice? The problem is not our body size, even the skinny white women hate their bodies and most of them simulate orgasm, so don’t tell every other woman out there that they have to be slim. SEX has been taboo in African life, In church, in school at home when I was young, sex was a sin, I don’t think it has changed that much, Women, you can enjoy sex as long as you are free in mind to acknowledge your desires, talk about them, to see that they are met by your partner. Sex if giving and Hi, how many men, who just climb on a woman and relieve themselves without caring how she feels? How many of us women are ignorant of these desires??? The first step to having a better sex, is meeting yourself, Discovering your body, how you feel by letting yourself go without boundaries.

  • divad onaim

    what i can say, sex is not a sin if done with the right person. so we should be open to each other.anyway this is so nyc

  • Keep them coming Maureen.

  • esther

    hey look like amazed my body truely