No age, speed edge for Manny- Shane


LAS VEGAS, Nevada, April 27 – Shane Mosley takes inspiration from those who think he is too old or too slow to handle Manny Pacquiao, vowing Tuesday that neither the Filipino star's age or speed edge will deny him a win.

"It gives me a lot of motivation to overcome what people are saying," Mosley said. "I don’t care that they are saying that or not. What matters is what happens in the ring."

Mosley, a 39-year-old former champion, will face 32-year-old southpaw Pacquiao, who has won his past 13 fights, next week in Las Vegas for the Asian superstar’s World Boxing Organization welterweight crown.

"I’m expecting a lot of fireworks," Mosley said. "I’m expecting to be able to control the fight and be victorious."

Mosley, 46-6 with one drawn and and 39 knockouts, comes into the May 7 spectacle off a draw with US compatriot Sergio Mora last September and a loss to Floyd Mayweather a year ago where he looked less than impressive.

"You keep counting these old guys out," Mosley trainer Naazim Richardson said. "These aren’t old men boxing. These are legendary fighters who have some age on them. These are special guys.

"When special guys get old, they can still be extraordinary."

When it comes to Pacquiao’s age giving him an edge if the fight goes into the later rounds, Mosley still likes his chances.

"I don’t buy into that. I’ve knocked people out late," Mosley said. "I have a lot of advantages over him. It’s just a matter of exploiting them and I believe I will be able to do that."

Pacquiao, 52-3 with two drawn and 38 knockouts, will have a speed edge but Mosley noted that Antonio Margarito landed the most punches of any rival on "Pac-Man" in a unanimous decision loss last November but struggled to do that same against Mosley in 2009 in the most recent victory by "Sugar Shane".

"He couldn’t land punches on me, so if Margarito can land punches on Manny Pacquiao, that means I can too," Mosley said. "People know my power. It’s risky for Manny Pacquiao to take this fight. Anything can happen."

Richardson is counting on Mosley being able to slow down the flashy Filipino.

"If Shane hits you solid, you are going on the defense. Pacquiao could easily become a defensive fighter in this fight," Richardson said.

"People are going to take things from the last two fights from Shane Mosley that may not be available in this fight."

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum had no comment to reports from rival promoter Richard Schaefer that Pacquiao already has been presented an offer to fight Juan Manuel Marquez later this year but Mosley took the report in his stride.

"That’s fine," he said. "Sometimes as business people you have to look to the next fight ahead of time. It’s not for me to think that way."

Mosley also took Mayweather’s allegations of doping by Pacquiao as unproven.

"Without any rock solid proof, I wouldn’t put anything out there like that. It’s disrespectful," Mosley said. "Even if they did find that out, it still wouldn’t surprise me that Shane Mosley beat him."