'Capital' gets Stanchart Marathon nod


NAIROBI, Kenya, APRIL 11- Over 3000 children have had their eyesight restored so far from contributions raised at the annual Standard Chartered Nairobi International Marathon.

Speaking at a function where the bank presented the Capital Group, one of the events’ key sponsors with a congratulatory plaque on Monday, Stanchart CEO, Richard Etemesi, said realisation of this goal was one of the main successes of the race.
“One of Nairobi Marathon’s objectives is to raise funds to be able to provide support for poor families to undertake operations to restore their sight. That has been most satisfying aspect and since we started more than 3000 children have had their sight restored,” he noted.

“Obviously without our partners, we could not have pulled it off. We were very fortunate that when we came knocking at Capital Fm’s doors you believed in all the objectives of the marathon,” he added.

In his remarks, Capital Group chairman, Chris Kirubi, expressed, “The marathon has become a great event that has become international in supporting those in need of sight in this nation.

“We feel we are part of it a part your effort. I do hope we continue playing a role that assists the event and going forward we can only assure you we will continue to endeavour to support you.”

The Marathon through its ‘Seeing is Believing’ charity, has been able to sponsor thousands of cataract operations at Kikuyu Eye Hospital, the largest eye hospital in the region.

This year’s event will be held on Sunday, October 30 and Kirubi pledged more support for the ninth edition of the event.

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