• It was sad to read in another news media of Ambassador Guanyuan referring to the presence of the chinese in Kenya as helping to revive our dilapidated economy. That is insulting and totally uncalled for remark. First of all the economy of Kenya rests on and is the sole responsiblity of the people of the Republic of Kenya. Secondly any revival of the same economy lies in and is carried out by kenyans. This article avoided the whole issue of what has been occuring in Nairobi over a longer period of time culminating in threatening leaflets being spread at chinese shopkeepers premises and a demonstration held against their overwhelming presence in the city. That is not economic win-win situation by the way it is trade inbalance.

    The majority of the chinese shopkeepers are also many times retailers,hawkers and grossists all in one. Kenyan indigenous hawkers and other businessmen are rarely allowed to travel to meet manufacturers in China and must resort to these same persons who become also their competitiors. Is this fair ? Also the number of substandard goods has been raising alot of questions with counterfeit mobile phones leading the group. It is well known that many businesses are operated by persons affiliated with Triads and many times carry out other illegal activities apart from the said businesses they engage in. They also gain access to goods that are normally rejected for sales at the manufacturers and received for free. These are sold in Kenya as genuine after being passed through KEBS, KRA and Customs as false original and good products. This is why they are able to sell these at throw away prices while the Kenyan hawkers must sell at much higher prices and can not compete. This is a clear way to end domestic commercial businesses by this unfair practise. Do we find domestic Kenyan hawkers on the streets of Beijing ? How many tour operators are there from Kenya with offices and running tours for domestic chinese in China ?

    Trust and friendship are based on a mutual benefit for both parties and not a one-sided event. Start by showing we are real friends by actions not words. Let Kenyan business men and women go to China and meet with manufacturers on the spot for more than 2 weeks for them to finalise and complete their deals. Let Kenyan tour operators open business offices in China as well as other companies and businesses. That is showing a mutual framework for bringing nations closer together. As it stands today, China is benefitting more than Kenya from its relationships. It is kind to help in the development of a nation even be it by loans or long-term credits. What China needs to do is also understand that it is not only China involved in this exchange between our two nations. It must be done in a fair manner that equates to showing the equality of citizens in both nations. There should not be double standards or preferential treatment given. Relations are positive when they are mutual and grow in peaceful means. Lets work to see this happening.

    • Boiyot

      I get the feeling that it might be those who are negotiating on our behalf who are not representing us properly…. Why would China ‘volunteer’ for an equal trade relationship if we’re not asking for it in the negotiating table? It’s just not in their interest! Even you yourself would not push that cause if you were a businessman…
      On the subject of substandard goods, it is again the failure of our customs officials to do their jobs diligently! If we had 20% fake goods in the market, maybe that would be acceptable, but when we have 80%, that is failure by us to watch what comes in to our country! Especially when the said fake goods come from one country… It should be ‘just’ a matter of increased policing/scrutiny of incoming goods from China!

      • @db6c27b3384d277813eb54ab9e3b8d6e:disqus you have a very interesting viewpoint and i agree if this was the case then we are already short changed at the negotiating tables. Very little of the trade that Kenya does with China is equal and there are lots of statistics to show this. We miss out on getting a fair deal when we focus only on monetary benefits and forget there are other small subtle issues that follow suit in any negotiations.

        Sadly our Customs have failed big time. Let me give a scenario that Nigerians used in another african nation. They simply got one good working sample from a manufacturer in China and offered this for approval and certification by that countries standards organisation.Then they went back to China and got the same product albeit those rejects that could not be sold for very little and exported them all the way to africa. Eventually laughing all the way to the bank before that nations Customs officials bothered to do their homework after many complaints. Corruption is our biggest downfall as a nation. What i personally know and from a chinese friend is some uncaring businessmen/women do the same and get the same from the factories for free. They are thus able to sell the same damaged goods in the kenyan markets at throw away prices while demanding the local hawkers purchase real and much more expensive same products at huge profits for them as grossists and middlemen. More or less our officials have failed in this simple issue of protecting our nations consumers. They have turned the other way.

        Europe have learnt from this and stop daily counterfeit and fake goods from China worth millions. These are piling up in ports or entry and harbors all across europe. Its all in the news.