• Henry Kinyua

    You have said it Mr Run Baby Run, atleast in your last paragraph, coz who would be interested in reading all that garbage, if not cry babies like u. U had bn relieved of ur duties at the PMs office like everyone else who hv gone through such, get a life and move on Miguna

  • Mazzdark

    What were we thinking criticising the almighty spotless Miguna…what were we thinking…….

  • henry njagi

    Having read the whole book, me thinks MigunaX2 has exposed massive corruption and shady deals that everyone (i.e. who has read the book) should seek the truth about. Empty criticism informed by fanaticism and tribal allegiance is just that.. EMPTY!!! Soldier on Miguna, history will prove you right/wrong

    • upuzi_tele

      @Njagi, Keep wishing, keep dreaming. There is no massive corruption exposed by Miguna. Why dont you ask yourself simple questions like what is the DPP and police doing not going after the PM or his office to arrest those involved in the massive Corruption you are dreaming of. Miguna is so happy Raila haters like you will easily believe any negative stories about the PM.

      • @upuzi-tele: Tribalism blinds pal. If indeed you have read Miguna’s book
        with open mind, there is no way you can talk of people dreaming. I seem to believe that you are the one who is really dreaming. Perhaps, you imagine that this book is not a book but something like a bad passing joke. The book is real baby and talks of real events, issues that took place. Obviously, all maize stocks at cereals board were loaded on trucks headed to South Sudan. Within no time price of a packet of maize meal had risen from 80/= to 120/=. I remember your idol being confronted by voters in his constituency complaining about high prices and unavailablity of the commodity. I guess, may be you were not in town or simply dont want to remember that! Bad maize was quickly imported from South africa to replace stolen stocks by the very same thieves. Unfortunately, Kenya Bereau of Standards (KEBS) found that the South African stuff was unfit for human consumption. They wanted it returned or poured in the ocean. The thieves wont have it. The KEBS MD was quickly fired. A guy from the maize-supplying company in SA was quickly brought in to declare the maize ok. Can that really happen if corruption wasnt ripe and fighting back? Former American Ambassador, a purported friend of your idol, said as much. He was actually the first person to say why powerless people attempted to suspend ministers! However, i do know whats eating you up. These thieves of yours have managed to convince you that they are not thieves. Only the “other side” has real thieves! And you swallowed the lies. But you must understand that thieves are even above conmen. Am sure you have heard people declaring themselves the only reformers in a land of 40million people. Am sure you have heard them declaring that they are our only liberators. Certainly you have heard people declaring themselves the givers of all good things in this country. I have no problem with that, but ask yourself whether you have ever heard any true leader self-praising. President Mandela spent 27 years in prison and came out only to declare himself an ordinary loyal member of the ANC. He never came out yelling about fighting for others! Mahatma Gadhi of India even refused to lead the country. His struggles were certainly not selfish with self-serving intentions! Our Jomo Kenyatta never uttered a word of self-praise even after spending 7 years in jail in one of the most inhospitable areas in the world. However, cowards who over the years, have specialized in fleeing whenever riot police checked in, are parading themselves as the most decorated freedom fighters of our time! Needless to say, some of them once fled the country clad in veils like women! Your idols have also told you that any true negative item about them is hatred! Truth is hatred?

        • I see a white-washed brain after reading hearsay by Saint Miguna. I wish we could believe the word of God the same way

          • @Joseph Muoria: You are simply frustrated by sustained assault on your idol. You want to mean carting away all maize to South Sudan and subsequent importation of bad maize from South Africa was not for real? You want to mean that KEBS Managing Director, a Mr. Mang’eli, was not fired for establishing that the SA maize was bad? You want to mean no powerless fellow attempted to suspend ministers? The former American ambassador to Kenya didnt say somebody was trying to hide his sins? You want to mean indecision on part of these guys was and is not there to this day? Who said we should negotiate with MRC and then changed 3 times on the matter for as many days? Who insisted that we should use manual voting and once he realized that he was being upstaged, quickly changed? You want to mean there is no single guy who has been outgunned in every issue by PNU? When he wants somebody from his side fired, he is simply given choices that are aimed at cutting down his little support (mortal choices!), and surprisingly, takes them gladly! You want to mean no guy was awfully confused during referendum campaigns? You want to mean you never noticed drunken utter confusion in some of these guys? You want to mean Kazi Kwa Vijana Funds were not swindled? You want to mean no one initially said that the money was used to fuel government vehicles as if there is no established procedure of fueling them? And do we have to use donor funds to fuel our cars? The story was then changed to error and then eventually to none issue! Fake documents were then read in parliament, and given our “protective nature of our very own,” the matter was quickly moved out of public glare. That was done by making sure that nothing of the sort ever appeared in the local media. Manipulation of the media is very much alive pal. Thats why Nairobui governorship race has been narrowed down to “two friendly candidates!” I dont even think any one of them is going to win!

          • @Kwessi Pratt, you’ve cast the second stone after the Devil-turned angel Miguna scribled hearsay in a bid to make a living cast the first one. Now I think you have exhausted your list so quickly and for that reason I dont intend to remind you that Miguna has said it clearly that your very idol stole Raila’s victory. But thats not the issue here because I know you agree with the fact as well. The issue is, that the high office office on the hill has been the epicenter of corruption for the 9 years and 8 months that the current occupant, your idol, has been the tenant. I know you can respond with a novel of crap but its good to spare the other users of this forum the dirt

          • @Joseph Muoria: Obviously, Miguna was your angel when he was playing your dirty games. But once he failed to read the pretentious nature of his bosses and hit back, he became a devil. Thats too natural baby. What you fail to understand is that Miguna’s book only reinforced what was already known by Kenyans. The only difference is that PM Raila and Miguna had been previously inextricably linked. That interlinking tribal connection marked by trust, is what makes Miguna Miguna’s book even more important, if not outright gospel truth!

            It must be remembered that Miguna was fired by Raila after it became clear that a piece he had authored about IIEBC, underinstruction from Raila, was about to explode on Raila’s face. The PM to save face and detach himself from his mischievious treacherous designs, turned on poor Miguna Miguna. Miguna having lived outside the country for too long, didnt know that he was only required to go down on his knees and “apologize” for his “fake” mistake. Of course, tribal lords here never make any mistakes at all. Their juniors have to be their fall guys!

            Miguna, to consternation of his superiors, rightly went wild. The normal pattern of insults then followed. Unknown to these guys, Miguna armed with a very quick learning mind, had known in a pretty short time how a punch for a punch was away of life at PM’s office. He gave as much as he got. It then got out of control and irrreconcilable. Miguna meanwhile, had no idea our fake reformers are never genuine at all. They just set out chain of events that are meant to insulate and hide their wickedness.

            No wonder PM’s folks were so bewildered by Miguna’s book that they had to disturbingly resort to burning Miguna’s effigy. unwittingly, they failed to come to terms with explosive damage such acts were likely to cause to their man. Raila too, blessed with rich history of violence, didnt see anything wrong with those acts. Its noteworthy that he never attempted to condemn such primitive acts. Of course, thuggery had been institutionalized in luo-Nyanza for a very long time now. But one wonders how a purported reformer would so gladly embrace such vile acts. Nevertheless, as far as the fake reformers were concerned, that was only a mere display of love for them! Killing in their name, as witnessed in 20007/8, has never been a problem at all. It was infact, a repeat performance. Their occupation with sentimental matters of prestige can never be understated!

          • As regards to corruption at the house at the hill, as you call it, thats only empty talk boy. Of course, guys at state house have not been accused of treasonable acts of feeding the population with cancerous maize. Am yet to hear them claiming that Kazi Kwa Vijana Funds were used to fuel government vehicles and then, without second thoughts, veering off to other quite unrelated matters. At least, a decent guy would be humble enough to tell Kenyans why that lack of bearing was at play!

            Am yet to hear any president’s direct hand on any corruption. You therefore need to tread carefully before you start saying things that can not be proven. Obviously, the president has not declared himself the best leader on earth, while armed with hell of nothing to support that. He too didnt cook up election theft. For your information, when election is alleged to have been stolen, credible evidence has to be there. You dont just wake up from your hangover and say that votes were stole in areas that you hardly had any support. Did Raila have any votes in Molo, Juja and Tharaka Nthi? Were the supposed stolen votes in these areas more than the margin of defeat? Was Raila able to tell us why there were no detailed report from constituency number 1 to 210 on how that purported theft took place? Why were APS killed in Nyakach?

            Lords of deceit have away of inciting Kenyans. However, thats soon going to be thing of the past. Your idol is an expert in cooking up things. You dont even notice that to this day, he still claims that there were people opposed to new constitution? The constitution had been drawn by constitutional experts led by lawyer Nzamba Gitonga. It was then released to the public to read. After several weeks of scrutiny, no single Kenyan ever said he/she didnt want the document. But as far as your fake was concerned, there were watermelons on prowl! Even the other day, he was insisting that those who “opposed” the constitution can not be allowed to implement it! But does mere timing of amendments amount to opposition? Give us a break please! This purported election theft was one of these so many instances of drunken confusion, there is no doubt about it all!

          • NATLINDA

            @facebook-100000996986819:disqus you seem to be so bitter with raila…the last time i checked there is no clean person in government…you praising Moi who is facing countless court cases over the crimes he committed during his leadership???lol..so what if he keeps singing how he was detained..the fact remains that he was detained whether you like it or not…and there was no proof that linked raila to any of this doings other wise he would all the times be in court fighting to clear his name.and if miguna was honest he would have resigned like GIthongo to blow the whistle..but no he had to wait to be suspended then go ranting around like a jealous lover..he was there while all this happened..he had all the time to stop it…..so miguna just move on please and spare us your drama..

          • @NATLINDA: There you go! I praising former president? All the same, Moi as a leader was far better than Raila. At least, he has some things to show for his leadership. But Raila, what can you say has done in his whole political life? And who said getting detained for treason is heroic? And is it not a shame for someone masquerading as a national leader to get involved in a futile tribal coup? The guy was detained instead of being hanged! He should actually thank Moi for breaking the rules to detain him. The treason charges were too clear cut pal. Your idol had no chance in hell to escape the hangman!

            And who told you that there was no proof that your man was involved in these treacherous schemes? Maize stocks from cereals board were carted away to South Sudan. Within no time, a packet of maize meal started selling @120/= up from @8o/=. Am sure even if you were sleeping, the price increment hit you hard. I thought too Raila attempted to illegally suspend ministers in a desperate attempt to hide his sins.. He personally fired KEBS managing Director, who was clearly blocking his bad maize from being offloaded at Mombasa port. He also made sure that a fake South African expert was brought in to the country to make sure that his bad maize was quickly unleashed to Kenyans. What does all this point to? I guess, as far as you are concerned, these are all empty allegations!

            You write your history once you have been afforded free time. Some guys wait to retire to write about their experiences. Miguna Miguna after being betrayed by those he so much loved, trusted and was ready to die for, had no choice but to plough in to their real estates of deceit. You dont treat people badly when you are living in glass houses and hope to get away with it. Books are even written just few weeks after leaving the job. This naive stuff of lamely going for the motive while matters raised are hanging over you, doesnt make sense to anyone but only to Raila’s frustrated supporters.

            Githogo was nothing near Miguna Miguna. I have always suspected he overrated his junior position. More importantly, he never came up with clear-cut issues like Miguna. Had he been forthright, armed with solid collaborating evidence like Miguna, its unlikely president Kibaki would have survived. Githogo was merely close to the centre but certainly not in the centre like Miguna. His much hyped book hardly offered any serious insights.

            Miguna had the privilege of sitting in the thick of things and saw things being made to happen. That can hardly be said of this Githogo guy. There is also suspicion that Githogo is a smart quiter with no stomach to move when the going gets tough. That as events were later to demonstrate, he clearly hoped merchants of deceit would offer him a landing runway once they took over in 2007. They however miserably failed. The guy has sadly been reduced to a street activist in the city. Call it aborted opportunism if you want!

  • paparasi

    where did you go to school. You cant take a village out of this guy

  • paparasi

    Miguna is an author, Barrister & Solicitor in Canada, who admited him to the bar. He must have paid his way

  • Swalleh Abdikarim

    4ya paparasi, ya just sooound lyk ya fellow corrupt uncircumsd boy, nusu mkeka

    • stop this tribal hate speech or else ull cool ua heels in the courts like yua colligues hu pretended to be singing yet diarrhoearing and vomiting tribal hate.

      • NATLINDA

        Grow up swalleh and behave your age and stop cheap useless talks..very annoying..nkt.

  • Neo_kenyan

    Still using pejorative adverbs one upon another, I see. Professor Makau should have quoted the judge in relation to the quality of your pleadings in the case you mentioned.

    Anyway, I have to admit, that I haven’t read your book and I wont. With that said, I had one question that I would have liked answered, why did Raila need you so badly? You have no political constituency, as an attorney you weren’t indispensable and you seem like you;re more trouble than your worth (my opinion).

    In answer to a question you asked, Sarah appears more objective and credible and hence outsiders like myself are more inclined to believe her. Her credibility and objectivity do not seem to have been sullied by her employment.

    I wish you luck though.

  • Miguna Miguna’s book is like his response above here. You dont need to add anything on top. Unless of course you are loaded with alot of evidence to the contrary. PM Raila stooped too low by claiming that Miguna was desperate and sent a Mr. Quarcoo to plead with him to give Miguna back his job. Then without realizing he is blundering, goes ahead to say that Miguna rejected the job! How would desperate person behave this way? Without school fees for kids and sending emissaries to your employer and still have the courage to turn down the job when it comes back calling? Surely even a fool can distinguish who is lying here! Needless to say, these are the kind of lies vividly captured so well in Miguna Miguna’s book!!!!

  • Cynthia Gee

    Miguna, i find no fault in you.One day, Kenyans will realize that u did us a great service but it will be too late.They will realize that integrity is the best policy and quality that every leader seeking to rule this nation must possess and jealously guard.I wasn’t surprised about your revelations of Raila, cos i think all the so called ‘second liberators’ are a bluff, fakes, who use sensational messages to win people’s attention.Soldier on Miguna.Soldier on.

  • miguna is right!