Muthee outlines vision


NAIROBI, Kenya, April 1- Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) chairman elect Mwangi Muthee belives a strong 15s rugby base will provide a strong base for the rest of the game to grow.

Muthee who unveiled his strategic plan on Friday morning said that fifteens is the core of the game and if developed other areas like sevens rugby will automatically benefit.

“We always celebrate when we beat Uganda. We shouldn’t be rating ourselves alongside the likes of Zambia or Madagascar. We should be knocking on the door of the Boks,” said Muthee who was flanked by his fellow directors.

“One of the key components of the national calendar is the activities of the national team, the yard stick for measuring our national development in the game. Once we build up and strengthen our fifteens sides the sevens will naturally ride off from their success” he added.

The former Mwamba coach added that the union will summon a special general meeting where they will discuss the introduction of sub unions, Kenya Cup eligibility, participatory governance and union reorganisation.

“There are some regions like Western Kenya and Rift Valley which need to be developed because that is where the future of Kenyan rugby lies. We also want to develop our universities because that is the stage at which rugby players are at their prime. We see it in South Africa, why can’t we do the same here,” said Muthee.

As for Kenya Cup relegation, Muthee said that he would like to see an expanded league that will incorporate Kisumu and Mombasa arguing that top flight rugby should not just be to Nairobi’s benefit.

Franchise rugby is also set for a revamp with Muthee stating that the Union will embark on making the players professional which in turn will lift the standards of rugby in the region.


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